We offer appointments Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm and do our very best to provide you with appointment times that suit your schedule. We always try our best to assist you with an appointment one-the-day if you need to be seen urgently.  For acute, severe, life threatening emergencies you dial 000 or go straight to the Mackay Base Hospital

Skin Checks

Queensland is often labelled the ‘skin cancer capital of the world’ and has some of the highest rates of skin cancer globally.  As GPs, it is imperative to promote the importance of Primary Prevention – i.e. skin cancer prevention. This is considered the most important tool for reducing the risk of skin cancers.  Primary prevention has a large focus on sun safety measures such as:

  • Protective clothing (hats, long-sleeved/ collared/button-up shirts
  • Use of sunscreens (30+ or higher)
  • Avoiding the sun during the hottest parts of the day, for long periods and during times of high ultraviolet (UV) radiation

Skin Checks

We advise all patients to have their skin checked regularly.  We urge anyone who notices new or changing lesions to see a doctor promptly to have their skin checked.  In individuals who have no history of skin cancers, we recommend annual skin examination. Individuals with a history of skin cancer or other risk factors for developing skin cancer are advised to attend more regularly (3-6 monthly).  We also encourage skin self-examination and for patients to be mindful of what is normal for them. Again, anyone who notices new or changing lesions should have their skin checked promptly.

Some risk factors for skin cancers include:

  • Personal history of skin cancer (melanoma, SCC, BCC, other)
  • Family history of melanoma
  • Age and sex
  • A large number of moles or freckles
  • Fair, easy-to-burn skin
  • Sun damaged skin

Skin Checks - what we do

Mackay City Medical offers thorough skin examination using sequential digital dermatoscopy (imaging/photography).  We take the time to inspect your skin from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. The use of digital dermatoscopy incorporates magnification and light to view a mole structure in great detail.  The images are reviewed by the doctor for any abnormalities at the time of assessment. Images are saved and successive follow up images are taken after a set period of time (e.g. 12 monthly skin examinations or earlier if any concerns).   At future follow up appointments, the saved images are used for comparison and to detect any suspicious change. Sequential digital dermatoscopy is a helpful tool to avoid unnecessary surgical procedures. Abnormal changes are often evident to the doctor and the patient. 

Surgical Procedures

We specialise in skin cancer removal at our surgery. If there is a skin lesion the doctor believes is suspicious and needs to be removed, this minor procedure is performed at our surgery. We endeavour to do this at our patient’s earliest convenience. Also, we are able to remove skin lesions for cosmetic purposes. All procedures will be discussed at an initial consultation appointment.


We hold extreme respect for our elderly community members at Mackay City Medical and endeavour to provide care to keep you independent and active. We create personalised plans to help you overcome or manage illness and disease. We aim to provide an extra level of care and support to make every visit as stress free and easy for you as possible. If you are 75 years or older, we certainly encourage regular visits and a comprehensive senior health check every 12 months. The earlier a risk or difficulty is identified, the better opportunity you have to receive help and have a strategy in place to keep you safe, healthy and active.


Our doctors have a strong interest in Children’s Health. We offer check ups for babies and children of all ages. If your child is sick we will do our utmost to fit them in on the day. However, for all severe or life threatening emergencies please call 000 or attend the Mackay Base Hospital.

Women’s Health

Dr. Annaliese Wohlfahrt specialises in all womens’ health matters from contraceptive advice, cervical screening, sexual health checks, counselling, pregnancy planning, antenatal and postnatal care, lifestyle choices, menopause and other requests. In December 2017, National Cervical Screening Program replaced the pap smear test with a more accurate Cervical Screening Test. Cervical Screening is recommended for women aged 25 to 74. However, women of any age with symptoms of concern should see their GP to discuss. Specific details of the new screening program can be discussed in more detail in a consultation.

Men’s Health

It is just as important for men to regularly visit the GP. We want men to be proactive with their health and can offer support for lifestyle health plans, skin checks, prostate health checks and counselling. We offer screening and management of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy planning and care is an exciting and unique time in a woman’s life, which is why she needs special care and attention throughout pre-pregnancy and well until after the baby is born. We can offer pregnancy health care advice, education and medical support throughout all stages. We encourage fathers to be involved throughout the pregnancy process to ensure the whole family is taken care of. 

Travel Health

If you are travelling overseas it is important to visit your GP before you go. Please be aware that some travel immunisations require multiple doses to build up immunity preceding travel. Therefore, your travel health consultation should be arranged as early as possible prior to travel. Please let reception staff know if you are booking a travel health appointment. We request that you bring your complete travel itinerary, records of previous immunisations and a list of current medications to your appointment. As well as offering immunisation advice, we will discuss other health matters that may be of concern and methods of staying safe during your travels. Travel vaccinations are re-booked for a follow up appointment after the initial consultation.

Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases require special care and attention and a coordinated plan from many different health professionals. We can offer Chronic Disease Management Care Plans which involve an individualised plan of your care, with the aim to minimise the impact of chronic disease. We can also organise a Team Care Arrangement plan which provides referrals to other medical professionals involved in your care with the addition of Medicare subsidised allied health visits.

General lifestyle health

We are all passionate about putting strategies in your hands to improve your general overall health to keep you on top and in control of your life. If you would like help with weight loss management, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction or general dietary advice, we can help. Small, healthy lifestyle changes can significantly reduce your risk of serious illness or disease.

Mental Health

We want to help with all aspects of your care and place a strong importance on your mental health. We encourage all of our patients to make a consultation to discuss their mental health if they have any concerns of low mood, stress, anxiety, poor sleep or anger. We offer counselling as well as Mental Health Care plans with psychology referral. If you are concerned for your immediate safety or the safety of others, we advise you to seek urgent medical attention by calling triple 0 (000) or attend the Mackay Base Hospital.


We offer vaccinations for influenza, shingles and pneumonia according to the Department of Health guidelines for each. The Australian Government provides the annual flu vaccination free of charge if you are pregnant, 65 years and above, identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or have a chronic condition that puts you at risk of respiratory illness. Anyone else wishing to have the flu vaccination is welcome to purchase their vaccination. The shingles vaccination is funded under the National Immunisation Program for adults aged 70-79 years. It is recommended (but not funded) for all other adults over 60 years of age or adults aged 50 years or over who live in the same household as someone with a weakened immune system. Pneumococcal vaccination is recommended for children according to the National Immunisation Program (NIP). The vaccination is also recommended for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 50 years or over and all non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 65 years or over.

Referrals, letters, forms and GP requests

If you require a referral to another doctor or specialist, a medical form, or have a specific request requiring a doctor’s attention you will need to book an appointment. Please let our reception staff know when booking an appointment. If you are requiring a driver’s license renewal certificate from the Doctor please be aware you will often need to see an optometrist prior to visiting a GP.